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Josh Donaldson got ejected during his home run trot for being petty toward an umpire

Donaldson kicked dirt on home plate twice and gave us the funniest ejection of the MLB season.

Minnesota Twins slugger Josh Donaldson was furious with the umpires after a sixth inning strike call that was clearly outside of the zone. Donaldson expressed his displeasure, then settled back in against Chicago White Sox pitcher Reynaldo López.

On the very next pitch, Donaldson blasted a home run, and then kicked dirt over home plate while arguing with the umpire. He was promptly ejected for that.

Can you remember a player ever getting ejected while hitting a home run?

Kicking dirt on home plate when he crossed it wasn’t enough. He had to go back to kick more dirt and tell the ump to [get lost]. Just wonderful in every way.

Let’s be clear about a few things.

  • Was Donaldson right that the umpire made an awful call on the previous pitch? Yes.
  • Is this absolutely hilarious? Yes.
  • Could his pettiness hurt his team as they play the White Sox for the lead in the AL Central? Of course.

Here’s another way to put it:

White Sox vs. Twins games this year have been incredibly tense as the two teams battle for the division. This is another memorable moment.