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John Sterling’s hilariously botched home run call was the highlight of Yankees vs. Red Sox

This was so bad it was good.

If you’re angry at that headline and you live in Boston, I get it. Not taking anything away from y’all, but for the REST of us this was easily the funniest part of the night.

Sterling has, shall we say, a penchant for calling plays incorrectly. Sometimes it’s endearing, more often it’s not, which leads to a ton of frustration and ire from Yankees fans who are sometimes lost as to what the heck is happening.

So, when Sterling calls a “Stanton-ian home run” in the first inning, when it clearly careened off the Green Monster, then something is wrong. That said, I love how he tried to save this one. Instead of just moving past it, he went full “old person who can’t find their keys” and said “Now what did I do wrong? What did I see wrong? He’s at first base.”

That confused grandpa energy somehow made this okay. I don’t know why. I almost felt sorry for Sterling, which I didn’t really think was possible.