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Dude retires and suddenly starts looking like The Rock.

I’m in absolute, unabashed, mouth-agape shock at the glow up C.C. Sabathia has undergone since retiring from MLB.

Normally we see players treat themselves and let themselves go in retirement. Sabathia has instead used the last two years to transform himself into a bulging mass of sinew and muscle the likes of which we have never seen. It happened for a good reason. In late 2018 Sabathia suffered a heart scare, prompting him to make his health a priority and drop 60 pounds. Still, there’s a difference between weight loss and THIS transformation though.

Seriously, just in case you forgot what he looked like at his playing peak, this was Sabathia in 2007 when he won the AL Cy Young.

MLB: ALCS: Red Sox 10-3 Over Indians - Red Sox Lead Series 1-0 Photo by Albert Dickson/Sporting News via Getty Images via Getty Images

This was the man at his peak baseball condition. On a dating profile he’d be classified as “more of me to love,” which is fine — as a fellow husky individual I think everyone is beautiful. Still, going from this at age 27, to the muscle-bound monster we now see at age 41 is a friggin’ inspiration. Means I have a good five years I can screw around and still wind up looking a god.

Good on CC for becoming such a sexy beast.