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A possibly drunk umpire in Mexico flipped off fans and tried to fight players mid-game

Police had to remove the UMPIRE from the game.

I think it’s safe so say we’ve all had one too many at the ballpark before, but that doesn’t normally apply to the umpire. A baseball game in Mexico took a wild turn over the weekend when police had to be called to the field to remove a belligerent umpire, who was having trouble even standing on the field without assistance.

Fans began to notice the umpire struggling during the game and began mocking him from the stands, according to reports. It was at this point he began flipping them off, and tried to fight players who approached him. Ultimately the above video shows the aftermath, with stadium security removing the umpire from the field and turning him over to local police.

Another video on Reddit clearly shows a second angle of the umpire, which really highlights how impaired he appears.

While many are speculating the umpire was drunk, Humberto Sainz, the official in question, has been suspended indefinitely. The league noted he was impaired, but didn’t offer any further details.

On Monday night Sainz offered an apology for his actions the night before.

“Dear fans, managers, journalists from the Mexican baseball league, and of course my wife and children. I am saddened and ashamed of my actions. It is clear I should not have made gestures or yell at players and fans of this most noble hobby. I committed an act not only unworthy of me, but my colleagues and the Mexican league, who trusted me. I was not worthy of trust in this situation.”

It’s unclear if Sainz will return to the field, or will be permanently removed from umpiring baseball — but regardless of the outcome, this is one of the most remarkable umpiring clips you’ll see.