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John Means’ no-hitter meant everything to a longtime Orioles fan in hospital

This is what sports are all about.

When John Means threw the Orioles’ first no-hitter since 1969 on Wednesday he knew he made history, but wasn’t aware of just how important his feat was. Means’ no-hitter meant something more to one fan in a hospital 3,000 miles away.

Scott Graham, who retired from the police force in February after 30 years, contracted Covid and is now in the ICU in Raleigh, North Carolina. Isolated from his friends and family, Scott wanted to share the moment of watching Means make history with his son, sending a video from his hospital bed. In a message with his son, Scott said he hopes to meet Josh Means one day, to thank him for encouraging him to keep fighting.

Stuck in a situation beyond his control, sports not only helped distract Scott from being stuck in ICU, but lifted his spirts and inspired him. Now the video of him enjoying the moment is going viral. Orioles fans all over the world wishing him a speedy recovery, and reaching out to the team, pleading to bring him to Camden Yards when he recovers so he can watch his beloved Orioles, and hopefully meet Means, who brightened his day.

This is the power of sports. This is what games can mean to us. The simple act of watching a player make history for a team we love can distract us at times we need it the most. Give us a smile when we otherwise couldn’t muster one, and give us something to enjoy when we’re at our lowest. Even strike up conversation, even if it means trash talking our doctor.

Get well soon Scott. Kick Covid, get out of that hospital, and back with your family. Orioles, take notice of this. See how much one moment meant to one of your biggest fans, and give him the opportunity to cheer you on in person, and meet the player who meant so much to him at the time he needed it the most.

Make it happen.