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Nick Castellanos ruined a eulogy with another meme-worthy homer

This keeps happening and it’s hilarious every single time.

Nick Castellanos, mild-mannered Reds outfielder, has cemented himself as baseball’s greatest meme. On Monday night, he hit another perfectly-timed shot into deep left field that destroyed a notable moment.

On July 5th, his latest escapade, he ruined a eulogy.

If this feels like deja vu, don’t worry — because a shot into deep left field of Kauffman Stadium in Kansas City during an important broadcasting moment is old hat for Castellanos. Only 11 months ago, he hit a home run as broadcaster Thom Brennaman paused his apology for being homophobic on a hot mic to announce an almost identical Castellanos dinger.

We now have an established pattern. If your baseball broadcast is planning to talk about something serious, or show a package celebrating someone’s life — now you need to wait until Castellanos is out of the batter’s box at your own peril. This is a made whose super power is interruption, and he’s perfected it.

To his credit, Castellanos is having a career year for the Reds. He’s leading the majors with a .338 batting average, and is making the first All Star game of his career after waiting years to get recognized. Now he can also put “ruining broadcasts” in his list of accomplishments in the last 18 months.

It makes me concerned that thousands of Reds fans might not get the necessary information they need in a crisis, all because of Castellanos.

If we let this go unchecked it’s only a matter of time before nefarious entities wait to commit their crimes and deceit under the cover of a Nick Castellanos home run. According to Nick’s sister he’s aware of his burgeoning power.

So let’s just nip this in the bud now. No important broadcast moments when Castellanos is going to bat. We can’t have this progress any further.