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Fernando Tatis Jr. defied the laws of physics on this DOUBLE JUMP

Who knew Nando could double jump like a video game character?

Fernando Tatis Jr. is already pretty much a super hero, but I had no idea he could double jump too.

The Padres were trailing the Washington Nationals by one run in the top of the eight inning with a runner on second and one out. Ryan Zimmerman hit a line drive that looked like it would score an insurance run for Washington, but Tatis made a ridiculous leaping catch for the out.

The Nationals would win, 7-5, but Tatis continues to be a marvel all over the field. He also hit his NL-leading 27th home run of the season in the loss.

So the actual jump makes sense theoretically, but I don’t think this is how physics are supposed to work. Tatis jumps in the air, then kicks his legs together, almost like a frog — and that somehow propelled him further in the air to make one of the best catches of the season.

It’s like Iron Man kicking on his rocket boots, or actually ... this was a better comparison.

Honestly, I’m kind of out of words at this point. A 22-year-old should not be this good at baseball. Forget being from another planet, Tatis is playing like he exists in another galaxy and descended from the heavens to grace us with his baseball gifts. I know we’re told he’s the son of Fernando Tatis, but you could also tell me he’s the love child of the Silver Surfer and I’d believe it.

Tatis Jr. is batting .302 on the season, with 27 homers, 56 RBIs, and 18 stolen bases — he also has a fielding percentage of .922. This kid can do it all. Even defy the basic laws of gravity, it appears.