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Guy Fieri is cramming a hot dog in an apple pie to flavor-blast your baseball tastebuds

What the ...

Guy Fieri was asked to come up with a baseball snack that will donkey kick your tastebuds with a flavor blast of mid-inning energy. We got this.

Yes, an apple pie hot dog. Now, conceptually I can almost get down with this. It’s got that whole salty/sweet thing going on, and the idea of bacon jam and pie filling with a hot dog doesn’t entirely turn me off. In fact, I was pretty much all about trying this until we got to the very final two steps of this thing. I know sprinkling sugar on an apple pie is old hat, but I didn’t need MORE sugar on this thing, nor did I need mustard mixed with even more pie filling. That said, kudos to Guy for not putting ketchup on this.

Believe it or not, this isn’t just some made-for-Twitter gimmick. These apple pie dogs will be served at the “Field of Dreams Game” next week. Whether you want to take part in putting one of these in your face is a pure matter of taste. For some it will be the Field of Dreams and Concessions of Nightmares, but leave off that sugar and that mustard and I’d try it.

Who am I kidding? I have no self respect and will eat anything.