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The Yankees and White Sox uniforms for the ‘Field of Dreams’ game are perfect

Shut up and take my money.

We’re one week away from the inaugural Field of Dreams Game between the Yankees and White Sox, set to take place in a corn field in Dyersville, Iowa — where the iconic movie was filmed in 1989. Now, we have a first look at the uniforms the teams will be wearing, and they’re perfect.

The Yankees move away from their midnight navy blue into solid black, with an new uniform font that evokes the 1919-1920 era the film evokes. Meanwhile the White Sox get the pin stripes with an absolutely perfect throwback to the uniform “Shoeless” Joe Jackson and company wore.

There are really nice subtle changes to the hats too. The stitching on the lettering is feathered more, a little more messy, designed to look hand stitched, rather than done with machine perfection. It’s just a beautiful look for a game that will be one of the most memorable of all time.

It’s a little bit of a shame Nike felt the need to put their swoosh branding on the old school looks, but I get it. It’s the necessary byproduct of corporate sponsorship.

Either way, the “Field of Dreams Game” is going to be one to remember, and there’s going to be something so special about seeing some of baseball’s biggest stars in a Iowan corn field.