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MLB spring training is back and Liam Hendriks’ swearing is in midseason form

Baseball must be back because Liam Hendriks is swearing up a storm

The smell of the grass. The sweet crack of the bat. Fastballs popping into mitts. These are the signs the annual signs of baseball season beginning anew. Things are starting a little later than usual this year in MLB because of the owners’ decision to lock out the players, but with a new CBA signed and sealed, America’s pastime is finally on its way back.

Some players are apparently already in midseason form despite the lockout. Case in point: White Sox closer Liam Hendriks and his dirty mouth. The Aussies reliever is known for getting extremely fired up on the mound and cussing up a storm. He’s already doing it on his first day of spring training ahead of the new season.

Hendriks was caught unleashing his trademark parade of expletives while throwing to recent White Sox draft pick Wes Kath. Yep, baseball is back.

Hendriks is one of the best and highest paid closers in baseball. Swearing with no regard is a vital part of his personal brand, so it’s good to see he’s not compromising ahead of a new season.

Hendriks led MLB in saves last year with 38. Chicago’s South Siders are again expected to win the AL Central. Regardless of if he’s missing his spots or striking out opposing batters, you can bet Hendriks will continue having a dirty mouth all season long.