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Bill Burr on the Red Sox broadcast was so damn funny

We need Bill Burr on every broadcast.

Boston native and die-hard Red Sox fan Bill Burr was invited into the booth Tuesday night during his team’s game against the Blue Jays, and within moments he completely stole the show.

Comedian appearances during sporting events have always been hit or miss (lest we forget Dennis Miller’s short-lived time on Monday Night Football) but the difference here is that Burr clearly knows what he’s talking about, and he’s passionate as hell.

Interrupting a plug of his own show, Burr didn’t pass up an opportunity to poke fun at Derek Jeter.

“Derek Jeter would have made that a ball. If it was a strike remember how he used to do that? [...] I swear to god, like six times out of ten he’d get a ball. Granted, he was one of the greatest who ever did it. [...] Genius, I mean that guy was incredible. I don’t hate individuals, if they’re great I can’t work up that level of hate. There’s a whole bunch of Yankees that I love ... I just hate ‘em.”

Then, without missing a beat, Burr turned his attention back to the game — this time to talk about the newfound swagger of the Blue Jays now they’re leading the AL East.

“I gotta tell you, Toronto talking trash really kind of lit a fire. It’s really bugging me. [...] Canada in general is low-key hostile. They try to act like they’re the best white people. It’s like ‘dude, there were people here before you, so get off your high horse.’”

I totally know that Bill Burr is way too busy touring and being a comedy mega-star to have time in his schedule to calls games regularly, but I would pay good money to get a supercast of just Burr calling games and inviting his own guests on, because this was amazing.