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Madison Bumgarner’s ejection during a routine check was totally surreal

What happened here?

Emotions spilled over Wednesday afternoon after what began as a routine check for foreign substances turned into something much more bizarre. The result was Diamondbacks pitcher Madison Bumgarner being tossed from the game, and questions lingering on what actually happened.

Here’s what we know: Bumgarner was summoned for a foreign substance check at the bottom of the first inning against the Marlins. First base umpire Dan Bellino examined Bumgarner’s pitching hand, but took exceedingly long to complete the check. During this time he awkwardly stared at the pitcher, in a surreal scene.

Then, as the check was completed, Bumgarner made an unknown comment to the umpire, leading to him being tossed and blowing up on the way out, yelling “f*** you!” and needing to be restrained by the dugout to stop him escalating the situation. Despite the incident now being over, there are a variety of questions remaining.

No. 1: Why did Bellino just stare at Bumgarner, instead of inspecting his hands?

No. 2: Is there justification for Bumgarner’s check to be so different from opposing pitcher Elieser Hernández?

No. 3: What did Bumgarner say that the umpire felt an ejection was required?

At this time we don’t have the answers. Following the game there will undoubtably be more words and perhaps some further explanation that will explain what exactly happened.