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What’s MLB’s real home run record in a season?

Many are wondering what MLB’s home run record is. We have the numbers.

New York Yankees v Toronto Blue Jays Photo by Cole Burston/Getty Images

Aaron Judge hit home run No. 61 of the 2022 season on Wednesday night for the New York Yankees against the Toronto Blue Jays. Judge’s 61st home run ties the single-season American League record by fellow Yankee slugger Roger Maris, which was set in 1961.

After Judge’s 61st home run, some outlets proclaimed that Judge had tied the real MLB’s home run record. That’s incorrect. The MLB’s actual single-season home run record was set by Barry Bonds, who hit 73 home runs in 2001.

Judge’s 61 home runs is a ridiculously impressive mark. It’s just not the real MLB record. Here’s the full list for those confused.

MLB single-season home run record and list

  1. Barry Bonds, 73 home runs, 2001
  2. Mark McGwire, 70 home runs, 1998
  3. Sammy Sosa, 66 home runs, 1998
  4. Mark McGwire, 65 home runs, 1999
  5. Sammy Sosa, 64 home runs, 2001
  6. Sammy Sosa, 63 home runs, 1999
  7. Aaron Judge, 61 home runs, 2022 | Roger Maris, 61 home runs, 1961
  8. Babe Ruth, 60 home runs, 1927
  9. Babe Ruth, 59 home runs, 1921 | Giancarlo Stanton, 59 home runs, 2017

58 home runs: Jimmie Foxx (1932), Hank Greenberg (1938), Ryan Howard (2006), Mark McGwire (1997)

57 home runs: Luis Gonzalez (2001), Alex Rodriguez (2002)

56 home runs: Ken Griffey Jr. (1997), Ken Griffey Jr. (1998), Hack Wilson (1930)

54 home runs: Jose Bautista (2010), Ralph Kiner (1949), Mickey Mantle (1961), David Ortiz (2006), Alex Rodriguez (2007), Babe Ruth (1920), Babe Ruth (1928)