Wayne Franklin

Kansas City Royals #52 - Pitcher

  • Born: 03/09/74
  • Age: 47
  • Height: 6-2
  • Weight: 200

Series Preview: The Mets haven’t lost a series in San Francisco since 2014


I know, I’m shocked, too. The Giants swept them in San Francisco in 2014, but since then, the Mets have gone 9-4 in San Francisco. Stretch it back to 2009, and the Mets are 20-14 in whatever the...

Bullpen trust rankings, April 2019 edition


Who do we trust in the bullpen? Who do we not trust?

URLgenio Velez, Manager Tantrum Edition


Another good one was when Bochy was yelling at an umpire and his head was so big it made the ump look like a child

Giants/Dodgers Series Preview


The Giants and Dodgers, in the series that was supposed to be huge. It still could be.

Dodgers/Giants Series Preview

It's a Giants/Dodgers series. I thought these were supposed to be fun?

The Buntsman

Don Mattingly likes to bunt. He's adorable.

Today In Brewer History: Happy Birthday, Wayne Franklin


On this day in 1974, Gary Wayne Franklin was born in Wilmington, Delaware. After stints at a community college and the University of Maryland at Baltimore County, the Dodgers selected him in the...

Vogelsong Vogelsong Vogelsong


I finally went to my first game of the season. It's ridiculous that I waited until June, but toddlers and work can grind a fella into a fine powder. Powder likes to sit on the couch and not deal...

Giants/Dodgers Series Preview

How will the Giants do against the Dodgers in this three-game series?

They Should've Been Catchers...


Former Brewers both younger than new starting catcher Gregg Zaun and out of the majors.

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Part three of the Astros roster breakdown, looking at the bullpen's effectiveness in 2009.

Searching for a Skipper, Part Two


Here's a look at Manny Acta's resume heading into the off-season.