Jason Hirsh

New York Yankees #60 - Pitcher

  • Born: 02/20/82
  • Age: 39
  • Height: 6-8
  • Weight: 250

Saturday Rockpile: King of the Hilliard


Rockies news and links for May 25, 2018

Purple Dinocast No. 56: Pitch Stupid


Former Rockies pitcher Jason Hirsh, now of ROOT Sports, joins the 56th edition of the PDP to break down some of the major storylines in Rockies pitching. What's behind Eddie Butler's struggles?...

Tuesday Rockpile: Axford up for the challenge


The Rockies' newest reliever is fit for the difficult task of pitching at Coors Field. Plus, other news, notes and fun tidbits.

Purple Dinocast Ep. 32: Merry Roxmas


Jason Hirsh joins the show to talk the offseason with Tyler and Anthony.

PDP No. 19: How do we podcast?


It's the same stuff over and over again for the Rockies, but Tyler and Anthony try to make the best of it because they love you.

Past & Present: We left our broom in San Francisco


For just the third time in franchise history, the Rockies swept three games from the Giants in San Francisco, here's a look back at the first two.

Rockies draft history: Todd, Tulo and the rest


Highlighting the Rockies' top 10 draft selections during the team's two-plus decades of existence.

Tuesday Rockpile: Are we nearing Butler time?


It's probably getting close to the time where the Rockies need to look at bringing up pitching reinforcements. Walt Weiss says Butler is the closest of the team's group of minor leaguers waiting in...

Tulo better than Trout Part 2: Next best SS


The number one reason I believe Troy Tulowtizki is a more valuable baseball player than Mike Trout is that he more thoroughly dominates his position which is much more difficult to play. Let's look...

How to evaluate Tulsa's pitching staff


Advanced stats on minor league players are often hard to come by. But how can we use what's readily available to frame the conversation about the Tulsa Drillers' excellent starting pitching?

Past & Present: The best series in Rockies history


As the Rockies travel to Arizona, a look back at the greatest series they ever played against the Diamondbacks.

Instant replay good because fairness is pivotal


Initial responses to the implementation of replay were mostly positive but early reviews are largely mixed. Still, fairness should be priority number one and instant replay puts us on the right track.