Shane Costa

Kansas City Royals #0 - Right Field

  • Born: 12/12/81
  • Age: 40
  • Height: 6-0
  • Weight: 220

It’s time to trust “The Process”...again


At least this time Dayton already has a ring.

Recap Coda: The Jesus Freak Game


July 10th, 2005: This is a Mike Sweeney story

Celebrating the worst-ever School Day at the K


Ten years ago today, the Royals tried their hardest to kill the fandom of a generation of kids

The best defense improvement belongs to the Royals


And it's not when you think.

Royals Rumblings - News for September 25, 2014


Get the bubbly ready.

Can Jarrod Dyson Get On-Base Enough to Be Productive?


Jarrod Dyson temporarily has a nice batting line.

The Young Royals


The Royals finally have a youth movement.

Career Profile: Chad Cordero


Career Profile: Chad Cordero

Royals Review Joins The Million-Hits Club


Early Sunday morning, March 29, 2009, someone in Toronto googled (without quotes) "keith law top 100 prospects" and ended up on a January fanshot posted by KCsince88 of the same name. Little did...

2003 Royals Draft Review


How did the Royals do in the 2003 draft? We review the good and the bad.

Costa Now!


No, it's not a weekly "forum" hosted by Bob Costas dedicated to having his friends come on and discuss issues with only the insight and intelligence that a guy who stands in front of a camera can...