Aubrey Huff

San Francisco Giants #17 - First Base

  • Born: 12/20/76
  • Age: 45
  • Height: 6-4
  • Weight: 225

Mickey Callaway and MLB’s Problem with Respecting Women

Until bad behavior is addressed meaningfully, baseball’s problem of toxic misogyny, violence, and harassment are not going anywhere

The Blake Snell trade was predictable


Of course the Rays traded a player once he started making money.

If you could remove one player from MLB history, who would it be?


This was an interesting Twitter discussion, so I’m bringing it here.

Sports is back and so are LGBT winners and losers


The MLB, the NWSL and now the WNBA are back in action as we look back at the big stories we’ve covered in the past 7 days.

World Series champ Aubrey Huff gets called out for gross homophobic tweet


Huff frequently tweets hateful messages on his toxic Twitter feed.

Friday BP: About those left fielders...


The Giants had a different starting left fielder on Opening Day for the 14th straight year.

Morning Mound Visit: Bruce Maxwell turned down opportunity to re-join Oakland


Bruce Maxwell doesn’t have to forgive MLB; What’s behind the Times Through the Order penalty?; Baseball’s devaluation of individuals

Braves Flashback/Recap: June 23


At long last, the 2006 Braves snapped their longest losing streak since 1987

How much individual talent was on each Giants World Series team?


Comparing the 2010, 2012, and 2014 Giants to other modern title teams.

Gamethread: 2010 World Series Game 5


Tim Lincecum vs. Cliff Lee.

Saturday BP: Remembering 2010


As our 2010 MLB postseason rewatch concludes, it’s time to think about our favorite memories from that season.

Gamethread: 2010 World Series Game 4


Madison Bumgarner vs. Tommy Hunter.