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Robin Fraser reportedly out as Chivas USA coach, replaced by Efrain Flores

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Chivas USA is denying anything has been done yet, but most signs indicate that former the former Chivas de Guadalajara coach will be taking over for Robin Fraser at the end of the year.

Jeff Gross

Nothing appears to be official, but all signs seem to be pointing to Robin Fraser being out as Chivas USA's head coach and being replaced by former Chivas de Guadalajara coach Efrain Flores. The rumor seems to have originated with an ESPN Deportes report, but has since been essentially confirmed by beat writer Luis Bueno. Fraser will apparently remain in place until Saturday's season finale and be replaced shortly thereafter.

This would seem to be part of a larger reorganization that was announced on Tuesday. Jose David was named the team's new president and Jose Luis Real will oversee the soccer operations.

The addition of Flores would seem to follow the trend of more closely aligning Chivas USA with the parent club, since owners Jorge Vergara and Angelica Fuentes took over full ownership. Real is also serving as Guadalajara's technical director. It remains unclear where that leaves current Chivas USA general manager Jose Domene.

Fraser's tenure as head coach was probably doomed by Chivas USA's finish this year. They are currently on a 13-match winless run in which they've claimed just three points and been outscored 35-16.