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Grading Inter Miami CF’s new crest and colors

There are herons too!

The wait is over, and now we know the name and logo of the new MLS expansion in Miami owned by superstar David Beckham. Meet the crest for Inter Miami CF.

via Inter Miami

The black and pastel pink really look pretty great together, and I’m a fan of the typeface too. Honestly, I don’t have a problem with the herons either. It’s a little silly, but let’s be real: All soccer crests are at least a little silly. Have you seen the crest for FC Show in Denmark?

But back to Miami. So we’ve got good colors, and solid font, and some unoffensive birds. The only thing that could make the crest better is if we had some overwrought press release lingo explaining why Inter Miami CF went with this logo.

Oh, that was a segue because we totally do — and it’s glorious.

The herons

“The Herons represent freedom. Their migration paths span from the southern coast of Alaska to the northern beaches of Colombia and Brazil. However ours, the Great White Heron, is a permanent resident of South Florida. In mythologies around the world, the heron is a symbol of power, protection, and patience. Tenacious hunter of land and sea, noble spear of the skies. They are the guardians at our gateway to the Americas. They are stoic and intelligent but strike with fierce accuracy.”

Y’all thought herons were dumb. Turns out they were THE GUARDIANS AT OUR GATEWAY TO THE AMERICAS.

The heron’s legs

“The Heron Legs communicate our unity. When joined, they are unbreakable. They clasp to form an iconic new M to represent the city.”

Oh, I see how it is. When herons clasp legs they communicate unity and are unbreakable. When I do it to a stranger I’m “making a scene at the Sbarro.”

The eclipse between the herons

“The Eclipse represents the people of Miami’s dedication and determination to work day and night to realize our dreams. The sun’s seven rays are an homage to the career of David Beckham and hint at the number’s significance within the club. In addition, they symbolize the seven seas that bring people to Miami from the seven continents.”

The seven also symbolizes “Lucky 7s,” a scratch-off ticket in Florida where people from all walks of life, from every corner of the globe, can blow their paychecks on $1 scratch tickets in the hopes of winning $3,000.

The ring.

OK, so like — I really don’t have a joke here because I didn’t think Inter Miami would be able to come up with some deep and meaningful explanation for why there’s a circle inside their circle-shaped crest. They did.

“The Ring represents our inclusive spirit. It draws inspiration from the Miami Circle, an indigenous peoples’ site in downtown that dates back thousands of years to Miami’s first human inhabitants. These Tequestas hunted and fished with spears, the handles of which resembled the native Great White Herons.”

It’s a circle.

The shield.

“The Shield signifies our strength and solidarity. Its three points represent the three counties of the Miami metropolis: Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach.”

Most people don’t know that all medieval kite shields were really paying homage to Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach counties.

This is all great, but I’d really like the crest explained to me by David Beckham. Preferably sitting on a sleek modern sofa, inside a matte black room.


video via Inter Miami

What do we grade the crest and team name?

Nine herons out of 10 Miami eclipses symbolizing the work ethic of the people in South Florida.