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UFC 125's Frankie Edgar Shown No Love from Oddsmakers

For a UFC champion, Frankie Edgar doesn't get cut much slack when it comes to odds making. With Edgar now making his second title defense of the UFC Lightweight strap, he has to look all the way back to December of last year to find a fight he was actually favored in — his submission victory over Matt Veach at the TUF Season 10 Finale.

Outliers aside, Edgar was extremely favored over Veach anywhere from about -500 to -650, but he would see those odds quickly disappear when he was named the No. 1 lightweight contender. No one in their right mind could have foreseen how his next two fights would pan out. For Edgar's first scrap with BJ Penn at UFC 112, the contender came in at about +575 — not exactly encouraging. Six months later and with talk of his flukey win over a sickly BJ Penn, Edgar again came in as a huge dog, premiering with odds at about +250 for UFC 118 in August.  

With UFC 125 quickly coming up this weekend, the event's odds are starting to trickle out of various 'entertainment only' online betting sites. Another title fight, another underdog. While No.1 contender — Gray Maynard — is seeing odds at a consistent -145, the champ is coming in at +125. It's not all that surprising considering the history between the two, but when will Edgar finally see some odds enjoyed by other UFC champions? We'll have to see how he looks Saturday night.

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