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Ultimate Fighter 12 Finale Results - Jonathan Brookins Wins TUF Against Michael Johnson

Jonathan Brookins came into The Ultimate Fighter 12 Finale as a heavy favorite against Michael Johnson. It wasn't easy but he did manage to have that favorite status hold up and earn a decision. With the win Brookins should likely be in the UFC for a long time (very few TUF winners have found themselves without a job).

The first round saw Johnson land several hard shots that badly hurt Brookins and looked to have him on the way out. However, Brookins survived and continued to press forward and the pressure did get to Johnson. Much as through the reality show, Johnson showed cardio problems when he couldn't finish early. In the second, Brookins took advantage of Johnson fading and took him down several times and even landed some very hard blows that were bothering Johnson badly. The third round was more of the same as Brookins got takedowns and controlled the action.

Two judges saw the bout 29-28 Brookins with the other also seeing it for Jonathan but with a score of 29-27.

With the win Brookins is the champion of season 12 of The Ultimate Fighter.