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UFC 125 Results: Brad Tavares Stops Phil Baroni

I don't think anyone pretends that Phil Baroni is truly UFC caliber at this point and Brad Tavares (formerly a middle of the road contestant on The Ultimate Fighter) did his best to drive that point home in their UFC 125 bout. Tavares survived a scary moment early in the bout where Baroni stung him with a punch and had him hurt. Tavares managed to grab half guard and survive until the opportunity was presented to get back to his feet.

Baroni's conditioning problems appeared to still be an issue as he was huffing pretty hard from the early action and during a brief break from an accidental low blow to the groin of Tavares it was clear that Baroni was on his last legs.

Tavares came out and landed a hard head kick and a series of punches that hurt and dropped Baroni and forced the referee to step in and stop the fight.