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PHOTO: Brandon Vera Breaks Nose, Laughs At The Sight Of It

MMA fighters are a breed of their own. Blood, gore, nasty cuts and broken bones just don't seem to phase any of them. That was the case tonight as Brandon Vera fought Thiago Silva at UFC 125. Silva landed a punch right on Vera's nose, breaking it mid-round.

A broken nose hanging so obviously crooked looks nasty enough, but Vera's reaction to it was just perfect. As his corner furiously worked to repair the fighter between rounds, Vera caught a glimpse of his newly rearranged face on the monitor. This was his reaction...


That's Vera, openly laughing at himself after seeing his crooked nose on the big screen. Another photo of his nose pointing the wrong way after the jump.


Vera lost to Silva after the fight went to the judges' scorecards. If you believe Wikipedia, Vera lost the decision by way of "BitchSlap."


At least he got a pretty new face and some Internet infamy out of the fight. Nothing a quick visit to the doctor, and perhaps a little surgery, can't fix.