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Bobby Lashley To Headline Titan Fighting Championship 17

Former WWE professional wrestler Bobby Lashley returns to mixed martial arts competition at Titan Fighting Championship 17 on HDNet later in March. Does the MMA upstart still have enough to make it in the fight game?

bobby lashley takes down bob sapp
bobby lashley takes down bob sapp

Former professional wrestler Bobbly Lashley returns to professional MMA as he will main event Titan Fighting Championships (TFC) 17 live on HDNet on March 25th. He will face M-1 Challenge veteran James Jack.

Also competing on the TFC 17 card is former Strikeforce and UFC contender Phil Baroni who will face Nick Nolte likely as the co-main event.

"We received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback from the MMA community following our HDNet debut on January 28," Kelly began. "A lot of unique opportunities have presented themselves to Titan since the show and working with Bobby Lashley was one of them. We are really excited to be working with Bobby as he continues his pursuit of MMA greatness," said Titan Fighting CEO Joe Kelly.

My personal take? A nice grab for TFC and HDNet. Baroni and Lashley will deliver enough ratings for an event this size, although one has to wonder at what financial cost for a local promoter.

I called TFC and emailed Strikeforce to get an update on the status of Lashley's contract with Strikeforce. As of the writing of this post, I have not heard back. If and when I receive a response, I'll be sure to post it here.

As for Lashley, it's actually not a bad move for him to compete on the regional MMA level, although I'm not entirely certain Jack is the sort of opposition that will provide the requisite experience to make the move back up to the big leagues. Lashley's game is predicated on physical control and Jack isn't the type to give enough pushback on that front to force Lashley into using other complimentary parts of his game.