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Strikeforce Challengers 14 Results: Pat Healy Defeats Lyle Beerbohm

It was a fight of epic transitions. From the first bell to the final, both fighters spent much more time pummeling for underhooks, trying to hit switches, working to establish base, hitting cradles and trying out an array of grips than trying out much of anything in the striking department.

In the first round, Lyle Beerbohm was stronger offensively and was the clear aggressor, forcing Pat Healy into defensive grappling postures. It was a close round, but Beerbohm appeared to do more.

But in the second and third round, Healy took over. The Team Quest-trained fighter was able to not only negate Beerbohm’s offensive attacks, but launch his own. In addition, he threatened with several modified kimuras and a few loose triangles. Beerbohm kept it competitive throughout, but without ever being able to clearly establish dominant position or do much damage, Healy’s improved control and submission attempts were enough to get the judges’ decision.

Judges scored this bout 29-28, 29-28, 29-28 making it a unanimous decision win for Pat Healy.