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UFC 126: Anderson Silva's Kick KO Of Vitor Belfort Is A GIF, Was Taught By Steven Seagal

Last night, watch parties, bars, and Twitter feeds exploded when Anderson Silva rocked Vitor Belfort with a kick to the face that led to a knockout at UFC 126. Now, thanks to the magic of the Internet, you can relive that kick again and again in animated GIF form.


Upon seeing that, you may find yourself asking "Where did Anderson Silva learn to snap front kicks to MMA fighters' faces? The answer is, of course, Steven Seagal, for some reason.

I've learned sort of a variation of that [Front Kick] in Japan, probably 30, 40 years ago, and I've been perfecting it all these years. It's not exactly cut out there, it's just something that I created that's a little bit different. I thought Anderson could learn well because he's sort-of a natural born athlete, has very quick hands and feet, and his kicks are good to begin with. So I started teaching him kicks that I thought he could really hurt people with.

In practice, he was knocking other people out with body shots, and at that point I knew he was going to start making these kicks work.

So it turns out combining Steven Seagal with Anderson Silva in reality creates an even scarier fighter than Seagal is in his movies. Good luck with that, Silva opponents.

(GIF via Sherdog.)