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UFC 128's Jon Jones Stops Burglar Hours Before Shogun Rua Title Fight

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You really can't write this stuff. It turns out that hours before his UFC light heavyweight title fight with Mauricio 'Shogun' Rua, Jon Jones and his coaches Greg Jackson and Mike Winklejohn stopped a man trying to break into a woman's car. The details are on Bones' Twitter page. Or you can believe the seemingly exaggerated account from TMZ:

Jones was doing what has become his ritual before a fight ... he was meditating at a park in Patterson, NJ when he heard a woman scream, "I've been robbed!"

Jones began chasing the man for a good distance. When the fighter caught up with the alleged robber, he knocked the guy's legs out from under him, then placed him in a figure-four leg lock until Paterson cops arrived.

Ok, outside of scripted pro-wrestling rubbish, there's no such thing as a "figure-four leg lock". More to the point, Jones didn't put the robber in one. But he and his coaches did apprehend the man and physically detain him until the authorities arrived.

If anything, this only helps Jones. A weird and ethical act like this only serves to distract the mind in a healthy direction while calming nerves.

More importantly, the kid is pulling off super hero manuevers before fighting in a cage. I'm blogging for a living. Who do you think is better at life?