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UFC 128 Results: Nate Marquardt Decisions Dan Miller

The second fight on the UFC 128: Shogun vs. Jones fight card was a last-minute middlweight fight between Nate Marquardt and Dan Miller. Miller was originally scheduled to fight Nick Catone due to Yoshihiro Akiyama pulling out due to the tragedy in Japan. Miller, quite clearly, is the underdog.

The referee in charge of the action is Dan Miragliotta.

ROUND 1- Dan Miller desperate to get this fight to the ground. A failed double that nearly turns into a guillotine for Marquardt turns into a single that's successful for Miller. Miller tries his patented guillotine as Marquardt tries to escape and does. Miller fighting off of his back now in full guard. The ref stands it up. Right straight lands and a monster double leg slam hits for Marquardt. A failed kimura attempt for Miller. Close round, actually. scores this round 10-9 Marquardt.

ROUND 2 - Outside leg kick for Marquardt. Now inside. Right straight for Miller finds the mark and another. Uppercut for Miller misses and Marquardt ducks out of the way. Two right hands, a partially landed head kick and flying knee land for Marquardt. Miller, however, secures a takedown because of Marquardt's commitment. Big right hand lands for Marquardt. And another. And another, plus a takedown for Marquardt. Miller tries to lock up a no-arm guillotine, but fails. Decent ground and pound from Marquardt, but all within Miller's full guard. scores this round 10-9 Marquardt.

ROUND 3 - Right hand for Marquardt, but Miller responds with an uppercut. Another right hand straight from Marquardt and again an uppercut from Miller. Outside leg kick for Marquardt. Marquardt continues to hunt with the right hand lead. Knee tap from Miller is stuffed. Marquardt cuts the corner and gets the takedown, working from Miller's open guard. Hard ground and pound from Marquardt now, but still within open full guard. Miller having a hard time seeing out of the left eye. Now Miller is pressed against the fence. Miller attempts a triangle but Marquardt able to do enough to shake him off. scores this round 10-9 Marquardt and 30-27 Marquardt.

UFC 128 results: Nate Marquardt defeated Dan Miller via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27).