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Showtime Presents M-1 Challenge Results - Alexander Sarnavskiy Dismantles Beau Baker

The first bout of M-1 on Showtime saw undefeated prospect Alexander Sarnavskiy dominate late replacement Beau Baker. Early in the first round Sarnavskiy landed a hard kick to the body before Baker was able to clinch him up against the ropes. Baker fought hard for the takedown but couldn't get it before separation was achieved and from there it was all Sarnavskiy working from distance with a variety of punches and strikes that took the wind out of Baker's sails.

Baker was game, eating huge shots even while being dazed and winded and still coming forward. He just couldn't find a way to get the fight to the ground even as Alexander began to gas himself. Baker tried to find different methods for his grappling including going for the Thai clinch but still ate uppercuts. The first round appeared to be a clear 10-9 Sarnavskiy round.

Baker bulled his way forward early in the second looking to force the fight to the ground or at least wear down Sarnavskiy but despite his best efforts the fight remained standing with Beau eating huge knees to the body. Finally, Baker's aggression with the grappling backfired as he slipped off while going for a takedown and had his back taken. Sarnavskiy managed to sink in the rear naked choke quickly and force the submission.