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Showtime Presents M-1 Challenge Results - Jason Norwood Controls Mojo Horne

Jason Norwood improved to 11-2 on his career with a dominant win over the tough Mojo Horne at Showtime Presents M-1 Challenge. Norwood managed to get a quick takedown in the first round and get to side control where he landed knees to the body of Horne. While Norwood worked, Horne fought valiantly back to his feet and landed a few knees before quickly being taken back down into north-south position. An inverted triangle choke attempt by Horne followed but Norwood qas quick to get out of trouble. Same song a bit later as Horne managed to stand, land knees to the body only to get slammed back to the mat quickly as the first round ended.

Horne took over early in the second round with a solid striking exchange capped off by a hard knee to the body that drove the wind out of Norwood. Jason managed to push through it and get a takedown. Horne got back up fairly quickly only to get taken back down quickly. This time Norwood was able to work with good shots to the body before being stood up despite actively trying to lock an arm up for a kimura. On the feet Horne again threw knees to the body and some nice punches and a heavy leg kick before being taken down. Horne did land a nice upkick during the late stages of the round but it appeared that Norwood was now up 20-18.

Horne got taken down quickly in the third and looked entirely frustrated with his inability to stay standing. Norwood was not doing enough work to avoid the ref standing them up but in less than three seconds he had taken the fight right back to the ground. Norwood managed to get to full mount with half of the final frame left. The crowd didn't enjoy the strategy of Norwood at all but it was entirely effective to win the fight 30-27 on all three official scorecards.