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Showtime Presents M-1 Challenge Results - Vinny Magalhaes Stops Jake Doerr In First Round

Runner-up in The Ultimate Fighter, Vinny Magalhaes (6-5) took on Jake Doerr (6-0) in the third fight on Showtime Presents M-1 Challenge. It did not take long for Magalhaes to quickly prove he was the more capable fighter and pull off the win.

Magalhaes quickly landed a hard shot that staggered Doerr and sent him tumbling to the mat. The Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu expert jumped at the opportunity to work from the top where he qas quick to end up in full mount. Doerr gave up his back in an attempt to get out of trouble and Magalhes landed a flurry of punches that forced the referee to jump in and end the bout.

While it's a long shot that we see Vinny back in the UFC at any point in the near future, he does continue to impress against lower level opposition. Doerr was finished as soon as his back was on the mat.