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Showtime Presents M-1 Challenge Results - Magomed Sultanakhmedov Wins Middleweight Title

Tyson Jeffries faced off with Magomed Sultanakhmedov in the co-main event of the evening on Showtime Presents M-1 Challenge. The bout was to determine the new M-1 Global middleweight champion.

Jeffries came out aggressive with leg kicks and an ax kick while looking light on his feet. Unfortunately for him Sultanakhmedov managed to land a hard kick and punch that staggered him and seemed to stop his aggression. Sultanakhmedov would land a hard body kick shortly thereafter and use a nice throw to end up on top in side control. Sultanakhmedov was content to strike though so the stood the fight back up and began to let his heavy kicks go once again. A beautiful left hook, body kick combination kept things going in Magomed's favor.

The kicks to the body of Jeffries appeared to be taking their toll not just in bruising but also in his energy level as the second round started. But Tyson did manage to get a takedown and end up in full mount where he looked for an arm triangle but Sultanakhmedov defended and stood back up before starting the assault to the body once again. A knee to the body clearly hurt Jeffries and opened up the head where Sultanakhmedov drove huge strikes. Tyson valliantly tried to hang on but the assualt eventually sent him crumbling to the mat, forcing the ref to stop the bout.

With the win Sultanakhmedov became the M-1 Global middleweight champion.