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Strikeforce Releases Video Of Jorge Gurgel Vs. Billy Vaughan And Roger Bowling Vs. Josh Thornburg

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Strikeforce undercards are decidedly different than those in the UFC. Whereas the UFC undercards are designed as building blocks for fighters or opportunities to establish contenders, Strikeforce is merely filling space. They generally farm out the responsibility to local promoters who fill the preliminary ranks with fighters who are not Strikeforce caliber and only appear because of their local ties. Often those fighters are expected to sell tickets on behalf of the event.

At Strikeforce: Feijao vs. Henderson, however, there were at least two fights (arguably more) that featured talent who were not only locals, but established professionals and hot prospects. Strikeforce-caliber pros and prospects, that is.

That's why it's encouraging to see Strikeforce release footage of Jorge Gurgel vs. Billy Vaughan and Roger Bowling vs. Josh Thornburg.

Both of the favorites won that night, Gurgel with complete ease. Bowling came out strong, but yet again gave indications that if he can't blow opposition out in the first he has trouble putting them away late.

Irrespective of fight outcomes, this is a fantastic way to give Strikeforce fans more of the content they want. It's giving back to them and allowing the product to have more of a presence online in between events. Kudos to them.

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