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Strikeforce Challengers 15 Results: Wayne Phillips Losses To Damian Douglas In Borderline Robbery

The first fight on Showtime broadcast featured a welterweight tilt between Wayne Phillips and Damian Douglas. The referee in charge is Josh Rosenthal.

ROUND 1 - Phillips starts out left hand, looked for a head toss and ended up on his back. Douglas on top working, but as Phillips goes for an armbar he turtles up and Douglas gets the back. He tries to get the rear naked choke, but it's all over Phillips' chin, not the throat. Both fighters now standing as Phillips escapes. Double leg takedown close to but not on the fence gets the takedown. He easily walks over Phillips' back and now has both hooks in. Phillips stands and eats a few punches on the way. Both fighters back standing. Phillips lands a middle kick. Douglas tries to catch it, but Phillips shrugs it off. Douglas, surprisingly, looks extraordinarily gassed. Outside trip by Phillips lands and he's in side control. Douglas tries to roll out and stand, but gets his back taken. Phillips cinches a tight rear naked choke, but the bell saves Douglas. scores this round 10-9 Phillips.

ROUND 2 - A one-two to double basically lands for Phillips, but he nearly gets caught in a guillotine choke by Douglas. Phillips escapes. Phillips now working ground and pound on Douglas from his half guard. Referee Josh Rosenthal restarts the action. Left hand plus a knee lands for Phillips. Douglas is clearly winded and Phillips is a little winded, too. In the clinch Douglas lands a few punches, but Phillips finds a knee. Not much to score, but Phillips did more. scores this round 10-9 Phillips.

ROUND 3 - Single leg takedown by Phillips, very lazy, doesn't do the job. Phillips is stalking, but neither fighter is landing much. Douglas is looking to land power punches and Phillips isn't really responding. Hard right hand by Douglas. Middle kick by Phillips misses. Left hook from Douglas finds the mark. At the end of the fight, both fighters trade, but nothing much was amassed. scores this round 10-9 Douglas and the fight 29-27 Phillips.

Strikeforce Challengers 15 results: Damian Douglas defeated Wayne Phillips by majority decision (29-28 Phillips, 30-27 Douglas, 29-28 Damian Douglas).