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Bellator 41 Results: Patricio Freire Finishes Wilson Reis With Punches in Round Three

Wilson Reis is 12-2 in MMA, submitting Zac George by rear naked choke to advance to the semifinals. Patricio Freire is 15-1, and knocked out Georgi Karakhanyan to advance to the semifinals. Freire lost to featherweight champ at Bellator 23. This is a rematch from Bellator 18, where Freire took a decision over Reis.

Round 1 - The referee for this bout is, who else, Jason Herzog. Slow open to start. Leg kick from Wilson Reis. another leg kick from Reis thirty seconds later. Patricio Freire with a left hand as Reis comes in. Clinch. Reis pushing Freire up against the fence. Freire turns. Slow action. Disengage. Reis with a single leg up against the fence. Freire defends. Looks like the sun has set out in Yuma. Freire turns. He looks stronger in the clinch here. Sixty seconds left and we've seen little action. Freire takes Reis to the floor. Reis stands back up. Thirty seconds left. Right hand from Freire. Body kick from Reis.

SB Nation scores the round 10-10.

Round 2 - Freire opens with a head kick. Leg kick from Reis. Follow with a head kick. Freire comes forward with a punch. Reis misses with a jumping knee, and Freire makes him pay. Reis with a single leg up against the fence. Freire defends, and he ends up with Reis back standing after the scramble. He tries to bring Reis down, jumps for the back, misses, and Reis ends up on top. Freire can't lock in a triangle. Left hand from Reis. Half-guard up against the fence now. Knee to the body from Reis. Freire back to the feet now. Halfway through the round. Knee to the body from Reis. Punches to the obliques from Freire. He tries to jump into a guillotine, but fails to lock in the guard. He still has the arm around the neck. Reis takes him down, but Freire moves back to his feet. One minute to go. Short knees to the thigh from Reis. More short knees from Reies. Jumping knee to the midsection. Jumping knee lands for Freire.

SB Nation scores the round 10-9 for Wilson Reis.

Round 3 - Freire and Reis trade punches to open. Kick to the body from Reis. Right-left from Freire. He misses with a right hand. Nice knee to the body from Freire in the clinch. Left-right from Freire. Straight right from Freire. And another. Nice left. Halfway through the round. Body kick from Reis. Nice right cross from Freire. They trade shots in the clinch. Big punches from Freire now. Reis is hurt. He's dazed. He's out standing, and a final punch from Freire forces Herzog to step in.

Patricio Freire defeats Wilson Reis by TKO at 3:29 of round 3.