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The Ultimate Fighter 13 Ratings: Episode 4 Holds Steady At 1.3 Million

Officials at Spike TV tell SB Nation MMA that episode four of season 13 of Spike TV's 'The Ultimate Fighter' earned a household rating of .93. The show drew a 1.24 in males 18-49 and 1.23 in males 18-34, the two most coveted demographics. Overall, the average audience was 1.3 million viewers.

Episode 3 pulled as follows:

The overall ratings might be down from previous seasons, but Spike TV's 'The Ultimate Fighter' saw a bump up from their second episode. According to Spike TV, the third episode of TUF 13 earned a 0.9 household rating over all. In the 18-49 male demographic, the show pulled a 1.4 and a 1.7 in men 18-34. The overall average audience was 1.3 million viewers.

Episode 2:

TUF earned a 1.0 hh rating - 1.13 in M18-49,  a 1.4 in M18-34, and an average audience of 1.2 million viewers

And episode 1? This:

Episode drew in 1.5 million viewers with a 1.0 household rating.

The show isn't getting perceptually worse, thereby keeping this baseline number of viewers turning. But that may be the other side of the argument: perhaps 1.2 or 1.3 million viewers is the baseline. Some would content the show is making appreciable gains in quality, but if so, it's doing that without appreciable gains in viewers.