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Bellator 42 Results: Christian M'Pumbu Knocks Out Tim Carpenter In Round One

This is the live blog for Tim Carpenter vs. Christian M'Pumbu. Tim Carpenter is perfect in seven fights. He defeated Daniel Gracie at Bellator 38 to advance to the semifinals. Christian M'Pumbu is 16-3-1, and he defeated Chris Davis to advance past the quarterfinals. M'Pumbu submitted K-1 legend Stefan Struve in an MMA-rules bout in 2007.

Round 1 - Our referee for this bout is Kevin Nix. M'Pumbu opens with an inside leg kick. Follows with another. And an outside kick. M'Pumbu lands to jabs. And a right hand. M'Pumbu throwing a high volume of leg kicks. Left hand to the body. Carpenter having little success on the feet in the early going. He lands with a left hook. Left hook lands for M'Pumbu. Right hand stuns Carpenter, and he's ripe for the picking here. Right hand sends Carpenter crumpling to the mat, and referee Kevin Nix rushing in. Carpenter claims he's OK, but M'Pumbu turned his lights back on.

Christian M'Pumbu knocks out Tim Carpenter at 2:08 of round one.