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UFC 129 Fight Card Preview: Jason Brilz Vs Vladimir Matyushenko

Jason Brilz vs. Vladimir Matyushenko

I seem to be in pretty good company with everyone ranting about this fight making the main card. Oh well, can't judge it until we see it. This is a pretty tough call. While I love what Brilz showed in his ‘loss' to Lil' Nog, his lengthy layoff could negate any of the momentum he gained from that performance.

Matyushenko is just a solid veteran. Nothing spectacular, but no giant holes in his game. He has a solid chance with almost anyone in the division not named Jon Jones. This is a toss up, but I'm picking Matyushenko. I'm siding with experience and the concern in Brilz' 11 months away from competition.

My Pick: Matyushenko