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UFC 129 Fight Card Preview: Georges St. Pierre Vs Jake Shields

Georges St. Pierre vs. Jake Shields

Jake Shields is an outstanding fighter. Unfortunately, he's a relative unknown who many fans aren't giving a fair shake to take this fight with Georges St. Pierre. While the UFC has done a fantastic job in showcasing the kind of fighter Shields truly is, it still might not be enough to beat one of the sport's pound-for-pound best.

There isn't a doubt in my mind that Georges St. Pierre wants to keep this fight standing. With the best wrestling in the UFC's welterweight division at his disposal, that's a likely possibility. GSP will utilize his jab and dictate the pace of this fight if he can force Shields to strike with him.

Shields may be a wizard on the ground, but the question is whether or not he can get the fight there. I honestly don't believe he constantly can, which removes the core of Shields' plan for success. This fight is less about Shields being inadequate and more about St. Pierre being dominant.

My pick: St. Pierre