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MFC 29 Results: Pete Spratt Armbars Demi Deeds

The second televised fight of the night at Maximum Fighting Championship 29 is Demi Deeds vs. Pete Spratt. The referee in charge of the action is Yves Lavigne. This is a welterweight contest.

ROUND 1 - Spratt starts the fight in the southpaw stance. Both fighters trade middle kicks. Spratt moves to orthodox stance and nearly eats a right hand. Deeds attempts an underhook, but Spratt stuffs it nicely. Deeds head kick grazes Spratt's face, but doesn't rock the fighter. Deeds punches his way into a clinch, but lands little. Exchanges coming faster and harder now from both fighters. After a few takedown attempts, the action has slowed slightly. Spratt barely ducks under a head kick but is backed up with punches. Deeds lands a takedown before the end of the round but misses an armbar attempt and pays for it as Spratt blasts him with punches. scores this round 10-9 Deeds.

ROUND 2 - Spratt clinches are fires hard knees to Deeds body. Inadvertent groin shot from Spratt temporarily stops the action. The fight resumes after a brief halt. Deeds chases down a single and presses Spratt against the fence, but can't do much with it. Spratt, notably, also know stalking. HARD outside leg kick from Spratt. And another. With a money left hook to the body from Spratt and now a barrage of punches backs up and eventually drops Deeds. Spratt follows up to the ground, on top in Deeds' half guard. Out of nowhere Spratt spins for an armbar by switching over to the other side and, unbelievably, lands an arm bar.

MFC 29 results: Pete Spratt defeats Demi Deeds by submission (armbar) at 4:19 of round 2.