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Strikeforce Diaz Vs. Daley Results: Herman Terrado Knocks Out A.J. Matthews

In the third fight of the night at Strikeforce: Diaz vs. Daley, two relative unknowns in Herman Terrado and A.J. Matthews locked horns. The fight is a welterweight bout. The referee in charge of the action is Mike Beltran.

In semi-related news, Dana White and Lorenzo Fertitta appear to be at the show.

This was a wild striking fest from the opening bell. Terrado is the first to do real damage as he lands some very respectable knees from the clinch. Matthews was able to drag Terrado to the floor from the clinch and tries to work on top there. Terrado, however, is able to stand. Matthews fires more knees from this position. Terrado keeps his composure and lands a devastating right hand that drops Matthews. They manage find space from each other and Terrado lands another right hand and Matthews is hurt. Matthews tries to respond, but another hard punch from Terrado ends the fight. The referee is forced to stop the fight.

Strikeforce Diaz vs. Daley results: Herman Terrado defeates A.J. Matthews by knockout at 4:16 of round 1.