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Bellator 40 Results: Michael Chandler Wrestles A Decision From Lloyd Woodard

This is the live blog for Lloyd Woodard vs. Michael Chandler. Woodard is 11-0 in MMA. He defeated Carey Vanier at Bellator 36 in the quarterfinal of the lightweight tournament. Chandler is undefeated in six fights, defeating Marcin Held at Bellator 36 in order to advance to the semifinals. The winner of this fight will meet Patricky Freire in the lightweight tournament finals.

Round 1 - Our referee for this bout is Jason Herzog. Chandler lands a combination that sends Woodward back into the fence. They exchange strikes. Chandler picks up Woodard from the clinch and puts him on his back. Chandler on top in half-guard. Fifteen punches to the midsection. Woodard regains butterfly guard and scrambles to his feet, but Chandler puts him right back on the mat. Woodard gets back to his feet after a long struggle off his back. Halfway through the round. Woodard lands a counter left hook from distance. Chandler shoots, and puts Woodard down after a struggle. Chandler is unable to do much from guard. Woodard explodes back to his feet. One minute left. Straight right from Chandler lands. Chandler succeeds with a single-leg. Nice right from Chandler, but he's throwing one punch at a time. 

SB Nation scores the round 10-9 for Michael Chandler.

Round 2 - Leg kick from Woodard causes Chandler to slip briefly. Chandler misses with a left hook, but lands with the followup right. Both fighters swinging through air. Woodard stuffs a takedown, and lands a big knee with Chandler crouched against the fence. Chandler lands a kick to the body, but eats a punch in the face. Chandler with a takedown now. Woodard looking to isolate Chandler's left arm. Chandler pushes Woodard into the fence, which allows Woodard to stand. Chandler with a right uppercut and two more right hands. He lifts Woodard up and plants him on the mat. Woodard looking for a kimura now, which he is able to use to sweep. He has Chandler's back standing now. Chandler looking for a switch, but it allows Woodard to take his back with both hooks in. Thirty seconds in the round. Woodard looking for a rear-naked choke. He is unable to get his arm under the chin, and decides to land punches as the round ends.

SB Nation scores the round 10-9 for Lloyd Woodard.

Round 3 - Inside leg kick from Woodard. Chandler responds with an undefended uppercut. Nice straight right from Chandler. Knee to the body from the clinch. Woodard spins him. Knees of his own. Woodard lands an uppercut as they disengage. Woodard stuffs a takedown, ends up on his back, then stands up. Chandler slams him back down for good measure. Chandler opens up with punches. Half-guard now. Woodard failing with a hip escape. Referee Jason Herzog stands the fighters up. An errant Woodard head kick allows Chandler to complete a single-leg. Up against the fence now with a minute to go. Chandler looks for an arm triangle, which allows him to move to mount. Woodard shrimps into half guard. Big punch from Chandler on top. More big punches as the round ends.

SB Nation scores the round 10-9 for Michael Chandler, and awards him the bout 29-28.

All three judges score the bout 29-28 for Michael Chandler. Chandler advances to the finals of the Bellator lightweight tournament.