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Bellator 40 Results: Ben Askren Dominates Nick Thompson Over Fifteen Minutes

This is the live blog for Ben Askren vs. Nick Thompson. Askren is the current Bellator welterweight champion, defeating Lyman Good at Bellator 33 for the title. He is undefeated in seven bouts, and he won Bellator's welterweight tournament in their second season. Nick Thompson is 38-13-1 in MMA over an 8-year career. Thompson has lost his last three fights, including a third-round knockout to Taisuke Okuno at Sengoku Raiden Championship 14. Askren's welterweight title will not be on the line for this fight.

Round 1 - Askren finds himself on his back to open, but he squirms his way on top of Thompson. Askren fighting for position control. Punches from Askren. He stands, and Thompson tries for a heel hook. He lets go, and Askren ends up in side control. Elbows from Askren now. Thompson is bleeding from his nose. Askren trying to trap Thompson's left arm. Thompson gives up his back, and Askren is unloading hammer fists from the ride position. Back into side control now. And Thompson gives up his back again. And side control. Askren throwing strikes at every opportunity thus far. Thompson has nothing for Askren thus far. Thirty seconds left now. Thompson works his way back to his feet, but not for long. Askren is really impressive with his striking volume on the floor here.

SB Nations scores the round 10-9 for Ben Askren.

Round 2 - Thompson missing with punches. Askren dives in and grabs a body lock. Takedown to side control. This is familiar territory. More punches from Askren. Thompson gives up his back. Askren has a hook in, and he's looking for the rear-naked choke. Thompson escapes, and Askren moves back on top. Askren standing now. He is just workign Thompson. Thompson gives up his back. Askren loses position, but ends up on top shortly after. More punches. Side control. Knees to the body. Thomopson is breathing heavy. Half-guard now. Askren passes to side control.

SB Nation scores the round 10-8 for Ben Askren.

Round 3 - Spinning back first from Askren. He's probably going to try some stuff out this round. Right hand from Thompson may have hurt Askren, but he recovers to take Thompson down into, where else, side control. Full guard now. Short punches to the midsection from Askren. Thompson trying to scramble to his feet, but he just gives up his back. He rolls back into half-guard. Askren passes to side control. Thompson is just trying to hold on to Askren at this point. Askren has a hold of Thompson's neck, but isn't in a position to finish. This is starting to get repetitive. Askren looks very good with a minute to go. Askren's on his back with 15 seconds to go, and Thompson is throwing any strike he can think of.

SB Nation scores the round 10-9 for Ben Askren, and awards him the bout 30-26.

Ben Askren defeats Nick Thompson by unanimous decision (30-26, 30-27, 30-27).