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The Ultimate Fighter 13 Ratings: Episodes 5 And 6

I'm a little behind on keeping this stream up to date, but wanted to make sure we had comprehensive coverage of the ratings for this season of Spike TV's 'The Ultimate Fighter'. For episode five, TUF earned a 1.1 household rating overall. In males 18 to 49, it drew a 1.3 rating and 1.4 rating in males 18 to 34. The audience average around 1.5 million, meeting the season high achieved with the debut episode.

Episode six earned a 0.9 household rating overall. In males 18 to 49 and 18 to 34, it drew a 1.2. The average audience was approximately 1.2 million viewers.

These numbers are in line with the general performance of the season. However, as we note with the episode seven update, the show's ratings dipped dramatically when going nearly head-to-head with the NBA playoffs on TNT. With the removal of Lesnar from his number one contender bout with Junior dos Santos at UFC 131, there's an open question of whether the ratings will further decline.