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VIDEO: Karo Parisyan Vs. Ryan Ford At MMA Live 1

Here are all three rounds of Karo Parisyan vs. Ryan Ford (round 1 is above, rounds 2 and 3 after the jump). This was a welterweight fight that was part of the MMA Live 1 card in London, Ontario, Canada.

Cage Potato has a nice summary of the action:

Logging what was arguably his best performance of the past three years, Parisyan took the two opening rounds of the bout utilizing his flashy judo and ground control and was looking good in the opening minute of the third when Ford connected with a stiff knee to the crown of the Armenian judoka that opened up a nasty cut and left the mat soaked in blood. When Parisyan slipped in the puddle of blood, veteran referee Yves Lavigne called in the ringside physician who, after a few moments of deliberation, called the fight off, giving Ford the win via TKO at 1:26 of round 3.

Parisyan’s wound was as deep as his skull, but still he walked out of the cage with his head held high having accomplished his goal of "just going out there and proving to myself and to my fans that I’m back."

Is Karo back? He certainly looked better here than against Dennis Hallman, although that isn't saying a great deal. However, it is encouraging Parisyan wasn't overly discouraged with the nature of the stoppage especially since he was winning the first two rounds. This is not the same Parisyan who defeated Nick Diaz or wiped the floor with Dave Strasser, but it's not clear if that Karo will ever return. For now, this is an improvement and I suppose that's all one can reasonably ask of the Armenian judoka.

Round 2:

Round 3: