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UFC President Dana White Donates $100,000 To Alma Mater, Hermon High School

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I don't know Dana White personally, but this is the Dana White I know. Ruthless with enemies, benefactor/supporter/charitable provider/caregiver to his friends and family. That's why this story from the Bangor Daily News makes complete sense. According to the report, White donated $100,000 to Hermon High School, his alma mater, to help make "significant upgrades to the athletic complex". To wit:

Already purchased is a combination multisport scoreboard-LCD message center that will be located on one corner of Pottle Field on campus, enabling the 4-by-10-foot message board to be seen by all who walk or drive up the entry road to the school from Route 2.

"Having the scoreboard there will enable us to promote not only sports activities, but all other school programs as well as meetings and other events," said Hermon principal Brian Walsh, who has worked closely on the development of the school's athletic facility in tandem with veteran athletic administrator Paul Soucy.


Also being purchased through White's donation is additional seating for Pottle Field, including a new visitors' side grandstand and additional seating on the home side of the field that will enable the facility to seat as many as 800 fans, up from the current 550.


He spoke at the school's graduation several years ago, and subsequently made his six-figure donation following a visit to the area last Labor Day weekend, Walsh said.


"Then he saw the [football] goalposts and he got really excited. He called me up and asked, ‘What can I do to help?'"

That is Dana White. I don't share his ideas about retribution toward individuals or groups who draw his ire, but there is no way to downplay or undermine his extraordinary generosity to those with whom he shares a bond. This is an extraordinary act for his old high school and one universally deserving of praise.