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Pacquiao Vs. Mosley Results: Jorge Arce Stops Wilfredo Vazquez Jr. In War

Wilfredo Vazquez Jr (20-0-1, 17 KO) took on Jorge Arce (56-6-2, 43 KO) in the final pay-per-view undercard bout of the Manny Pacquiao vs. "Sugar" Shane Mosley card.

The first round both men feel out the situation for the first minute but eventually both opened up and it was Arce landing a very big shot that hurt Vazquez and forced him to defend. Round two saw more good action with Arce continuing to get inside and land very hard shots that got Vazquez's respect. That's not to say that Vazquez wasn't having his own moments and at one point he tagged Arce, prompting Jorge to stick out his chin and tell him to bring it.

In round three both men engaged fully with power shots, both men landing hard and Arce developing some blood along the bridge of his nose. Neither man appeared willing to back down through the fourth round with Arce bulling forward and Vazquez trying to counter punch. Almost out of nowhere the counter left hook landed for Vazquez and floored Arce just as round four was coming to a close. Arce managed to rise before the count and made it back to his stool.

Vazquez continued landing hard counters in rounds five and six as the tremendous action continued but Arce is never one to back down and continued his attempts to push his way inside and land his powerful hooks. As the seventh round closed it was clear that the complexion of the fight was not going to change, both men were in the rin to throw with everything they had and it was making for close rounds and the constant threat of a knockout looming large for both men.

Vazquez started to focus too much on trying to land the counter punch as the rounds wore on, possibly allowing Arce to claw his way back into the lead with his aggression. After eight rounds SB Nation had Arce up 76-75, an impressive accomplishment after being knocked down in the 4th round.

As the fight moved into the championship rounds it was Arce whose sheer will started to take over the fight and in the 11 round he had Vazquez on rubbery legs but couldn't floor him before the bell. In the final round Arce poured  it on and as Vazquez kept getting rocked and being held up by the ropes referee Joe Cortez was forced to jump in as Vazquez's father threw in the towel from the corner bringing the great fight to an end.

With the win Jorge Arce captured the WBO Super Bantamweight Championship.

This was a tremendous fight and one that Vazquez has nothing to be ashamed of.

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