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Pacquiao Vs. Mosley Results: What's Next For Both Men?

In the wake of Manny Pacquiao vs. Shane Mosley there will, no doubt, be fans wondering what is next for both men. For Pacquiao, he reaffirmed his status as the number one pound-for-pound fighter in boxing while Shane Mosley continued to look like a sad shell of his once great former self.

We know that Manny Pacquiao's next fight is scheduled for November 12 and nothing that happened in this bout would seem to be the impetus for that fight being delayed. The ease with which Pacquiao defeated Mosley will, of course, lead to a renewed demand for Manny to face Floyd Mayweather Jr. Of course, Floyd can't seem to keep himself out of legal trouble as we found out yet again earlier this week.

The likely opponent on that November date will be Juan Manuel Marquez. Marquez has already been offered $5 million for the fight. We talked about that bout earlier this week:

The first battle between Marquez and Pacquiao took place at featherweight with the two men battling to an amazing draw. Manny was able to drop Marquez three times in the first round but JMM fought back and won the vast majority of the rest of the rounds to pull even. Pacquiao likely should have gotten the win but rather than a 10-6 score for the first round for three knockdowns, one judge scored the round 10-7 resulting in his final scorecard reading 113-113.

The two met in a rematch at super featherweight and Pacquiao won a tremendous fight by split decision. In that fight Pacquiao managed a knockdown in the third round that was the deciding moment.

Unfortunately, Marquez showed that he is not able to retain his speed or look comfortable at welterweight when he faced Mayweather Jr. in September of 2009. So it's hard to feel that it would be an incredibly competitive bout. Still, this is the bout fans can expect to next see Manny Pacquiao in.

As for Mosley? Well, this should be the end for Shane. He was a great fighter at one time, but he has now looked like an old man who doesn't have the ability to let his hands go when he needs to in three straight fights. But boxing has never been a game where men get out at appropriate times and there will still be money for him in future fights.

There may be interest in a rematch with Antonio Margarito, but Margarito is having trouble getting approved to so much as spar resulting in his planned bout with Miguel Cotto being canceled. Bob Arum did not give a positive feeling of Margarito's future. Via Boxing Scene:

Arum told BoxingScene that they have scheduled an appointment for Margarito to see an eye doctor next Wednesday. "We have Margarito scheduled to see an eye doctor next Wednesday. We have to wait an see what the doctor says but so far the reports we have heard about Margarito's eye aren't very good."

I'd be happy to see Shane simply walk away from the sport, but he is a proud man and I'm sure we'll see him back in the ring before 2011 is done.

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