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UFC 131 Fight Card Preview: Kenny Florian Vs Diego Nunes

Kenny Florian vs. Diego Nunes

I hate to say this fight may be all about Kenny Florian, but it just might be. Florian has all the physical tools, but more importantly I think he has the mental edge in this fight. He appears to have dropped the weight the correct way and it shouldn't be an impediment to his success. You don't make it in four different weight classes by being undisciplined, unless you're going the wrong way like James Toney. Florian is coming in with more experience and a far better training camp.

Nunes' split decision win over Mike Brown, which is also the biggest win of his career, is looking worse by the day. He may present some problem with his unorthodox striking, but I'm not confident he has an edge in any particular area. He's just not there yet.

Florian via SUB