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VIDEO: Ken Shamrock Vs. James Toney Press Conference

It's an incredibly sad spectacle. The elevated, high end of fight sport is often a beauty without compare. At the low end, however, we're filled with empty venues, elderly men utterly unconcerned with health because life's options dictate they be, and schadenfreude-backed curiosity to see how much the entire operation and it's participants will implode. This, ladies and gents, is footage of the "press conference" for Shamrock vs. Toney. The two get testy with one another, which is worth a peek. Still, I can't tell what's sadder: that James Toney continues to hang on to the idea he's still a viable competitor or that Ken Shamrock knows he isn't and is willing to go through the motions just enough to outstretch his palm for a check at the end of the fight. Anton Tabuena has more details on what the match will look like:

The date and venue on their match up still hasn't been finalized yet. Though amidst the trash talk between the two, earlier reports that the rules for their bout would be modified a bit have been confirmed. It will be contested at eight rounds of only 3-minutes each, with both fighters only allowed to stay on the ground for 30 seconds before they get stood back up. Rules are adjusted to slightly favor the boxer, and while it probably won't change the outcome of the fight either way, that special rule-set makes this an even bigger freakshow bout than originally expected.